Event details
Date: December 31, 2020
Location: Worldwide
Phone: 9663310280

Course outcomes

Outlining & Organizing

Time Management
Regulating Resources
Formulate Systems
Purposing Onward
Interpretive Thought
Gathering Erudition
Parsing Information
Implementing Information
Molding Hypothesis

Interpersonal Skills

Controlling Your Emotions
Socializing at Work
Responding to Ambivalence
Encouraging Customers
Admiring others
Active Listening
Demonstrating Reliability
Decisiveness Building


Gripping Your Focus
Performing Your Soundest
Restraining Your Sentiments
Being Resilient
Emotional Awareness
Written Communication
Resolving Predicaments
Problem Solving
Having an Emphatic Attitude

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Through this repeated exercise of toggling between various possibilities and combinations to solve the Rubiks cube, you will begin to strengthen your Determination and Focus levels with Time.

With the Rubik’s cube in hand, the benefits of a sharper brain that stems from a solid eye-hand coordination. Paving the way to improve your Memory and enhances your level of Self Confidence.

While the mind is racing through a number of alternative moves, the eyes and hands will be put to their optimum use; in perfect unison.

Thus, Boredom kicks off and learning system evolves through the perfect amalgamation of various human reflexes with Attention span.

With all eyes on the puzzle and regular practice, all these brainy activities will help you identify his/her love for a particular profession that will shape you up into a man of Perseverance & multiple abilities.

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