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Finger Brain Graphy !

Outlining & Organizing


Time Management

Regulating Resources


Formulate Systems

Purposing Onward

Interpretive Thought

Gathering Erudition

Parsing Information

Implementing Information

Molding Hypothesis

Interpersonal Skills

Controlling Your Emotions

Socializing at Work


Responding to Ambivalence

Encouraging Customers

Admiring others

Active Listening

Demonstrating Reliability



Decisiveness Building


Gripping Your Focus

Performing Your Soundest

Restraining Your Sentiments

Being Resilient



Emotional Awareness

Written Communication

Resolving Predicaments

Problem Solving

Having an Emphatic Attitude

Course Detail

Handwriting originates in the brain, when a mental picture of letters and words is formed. The brain then sends this mental picture, in the form of signals, to the arm and hand, through the muscles and nervous system.


When a person writes something,it is their fingers that does the writing, but their brain dictates how to write the letters.


Handwriting is a means by which you express yourself it’s a record of your personality, reflecting who you are at any given stage.


Handwriting Aanalysis ?    Helps an individual to know their strengths, weaknesses, innermost fears and your defense mechanisms, and see himself in a new light. It can help in understanding and removing the mental blocks to achieve greater personal and professional success and self growth.


If there is conflict between their conscious mind and subconscious belief, these conflicts will block their abilities to achieve or manifest their desires in life.


How does Finger Brain Graphy work?    It works through the Human nervous system, our human brain consist of tens of billions of neuron cells of different shapes. For every thought and every movement a person senses, it stores in the brain cells and a neuron chain is created.


Since our brain is Plasticity it can be shaped and molded through specific writing input with appropriate frequency and duration.


The brain physically changes structure and the growth takes place through branching of pathways between brain cells or neurons.


Repetitive movements of thumbs and fingers profoundly impact the brain on both the psychological and Physiological level.

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