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Sujana Sreenivas

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To create a positive difference in peoples lives using drugless therapies.

Our Story

In the year 2009, Sreenivasa Murthy and Sujana Sreenivas established Brain Studio. The intention to set up an educational institution focussed on delivering high-quality knowledge and skills to children and adults alike was solely to make a difference in the world. The vision of Brain Studio is to create a Positive Difference in people’s lives with Drugless Therapies, which is achieved by internal growth rather than chemical or external influence.


Sreenivasa Murthy and Sujana Sreenivas are experts in the science of Graphology & Graphocybernetics. With the experience of making a positive difference in 3000+ children and adults, they created the concept called Healthy Mind and Healthy Body Techniques. These are a set of skills that, when combined, can improve a person’s physical and mental health. Healthy Mind and Healthy Body Techniques is now the foundation for all the courses taught here at Brain Studio. Some of the most popular programs are Finger Brain Graphy (Scientific Handwriting), Juggling 3 balls cascade, and solving more than 150 varieties of cubes.


We are so passionate about the sport that we created records in National World Records, Jetlee Book of Records, Assist World Records, and Limca Book of Records for One minute, and 17 minutes of non-stop Juggling 3 balls cascade by 40 children at once. Since then we have created and broken several records in various record books. These records are significant milestones for Brain Studio and a massive inspiration to the children who participated.


Today, when we see the popularity of the Rubik’s cube in India, we are glad that we could help start the movement many years ago and become an inspiration to all the people who have seen great results by learning to solve the cube.


Brain Studio’s vision to create a Positive Difference in peoples’ lives with Drugless Therapies extends further than that. Our founders specialize in understanding the personality and characteristics of a person by decoding their Handwriting. They can improve and induce positive changes by using the proven therapy called “Finger Brain Graphy.”


For more than a decade, Brain Studio has dedicated itself to bring about a positive change in the lives of children and adults who have been lucky enough to cross paths with us. And it makes us extremely glad to be able to do so.



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Our Values

Every child has the potential


We believe every child has untapped potential that is waiting to be discovered. We have helped a lot of children uncover their true potential and thus achieve what they could not before. These amazing success stories are what keep us going forward and helping more people every day.


Learn at your own pace


The biggest problem we see is the indifference shown to students by traditional education, where one size fits all, and many students unable to match the teacher’s pace are left out and everyone is expected to catch up with the teacher. But at Brain Studio, we feel that a teacher should be able to teach at the student’s pace and let everyone learn at their own speed. We love this quote by one of our founders, which sums everything up.

“A teacher must teach the way the student learns, not the the way the teacher teaches.”

– Sreenivasa Murthy

This is what separates a great teacher from the good ones. And we have the best ones at Brain Studio. 


Unlimited classes until you learn


We love seeing positive changes in the student so much that we opted for a system that allows a student to get unlimited classes and learn at their own pace. Why? This is a great relief for parents because you do not have to pay every month for the same program. This allows the child to learn without being pressured by the parents. When a child has enough time to learn, they can learn the concepts with complete dedication and show better results at the end.


With you till the end


Once you are a student of Brain Studio, you gain a lot of advantages. We have many events and competitions for some courses which help you practice your skills and keep you up to date. You will remain a member of Brain Studio for life and are always welcome back.

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