Vivaan – Rubik’s Cube

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Sweety, Vivaan’s mother has been sending her son to the Rubik’s cube program at Brain Studio for many months and has seen a lot of changes in her son. Above is the full testimonial she gave and below are a few key points form the video. We are so glad that this 6 year old genius, has seen great improvements in himself.

After coming here, one thing is he is doing his own work. So I need not assist him in doing his homework or studying. I just sit next to him and see he is doing it, and that’s it, he does it by himself.

When Vivaan was asked if he likes to come to Brain Studio, he said,

Yes, because it’s nice!

When asked about something she might want to say to other parents, this is what she said,

I feel every parent should bring him out here because the concentration improves and other thing is he become very independent. I had to make him do his home work and now he does it all by himself; I’m not even going to put him in tuitions. He is so independent and I’m so happy for him.