Tanay Perumbral – Scientific Handwriting and Rubik’s Cube

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I saw a totally new person in my child. He was more focussed, eager to learn and more importantly a happy child.

My son started writing. He didn’t cry or create a fuss. I couldn’t believe this would ever happen

Tanay Perumbral has seen drastic changes in his handwriting and as a consequence he has seen great improvements in his behavior and personality as we can see his  mother expressed about it In this video. He has also learnt many Rubik’s Cubes which has helped him in his academics.

Here is what his mother, Nisha, had to say to us:

My name  is Nisha, mother of Tanay who is coming to Brain studio from mid of May 2019. My son was born as a micro preemie and had struggled to catch up with his growth and development milestones. When we enrolled him to nursery at the age of 3 and 1/2 , he was reluctant to hold pencil and write. He would cry as soon as we asked him to write or even if told to hold pencil. We thought he was not ready for it and would try to make him write in lower kindergarten. But he still refused to write. No amount of bribing, encouraging or threatening helped. We kept forcing him and it always ended up in him crying and us being frustrated. The school teachers had always only one thing to tell in PTM that he was not writing. We didn’t know what to do and we didn’t seek help.

Another year passed like this with full of complaints and very minute progress. We thought he might not be able to cope up in private school so we admitted him to Kendriya Vidyalaya. The government school had minimum portion and the pressure was very less. They hardly made them write maximum of 4-5 pages the whole day. Even that he was not writing and everyday my son came home with incomplete notes. My life was spent begging for notes from other parents on Whatsapp. This had totally caused a rift between us in the family.

Nothing I had read on internet or the advises I got helped. In his school 1st and  2nd std didn’t have exams, just test papers and so he cleared it. Both the years again the complaints from teacher continued. I was feeling very weird to interact with parents as I was the only parent begging for notes.

After 5 years of this sad and frustrating  ordeal, I thought of seeking help. I thought I will check for handwriting classes as they might help in writing as well as speed. I was very skeptical. I had my doubts about if there was anyone that could help or correct my son because I had tried for 5 years.

I came to Brain studio in very hopeless state as I had gone through a lot and I was tired. I met Sujana madam. She was very helpful in easing my tension and listened to my story patiently. She asked my son to write and she told me his character perfectly to the point.

That was amazing to know that she could find out so much about him just by looking at the handwriting. My son also had concentration issues. He was not attentive in class. I saw a lot of kids solving cubes in a room full of people. They hardly noticed others and kept concentrating on their cube. So I requested madam to enroll him for both handwriting and 2 cubes.

I just wanted him to write, if he could learn cube even a bit, that would be a bonus. My son learnt cube and handwriting from Sreenivas Sir and Sujana Madam. 

From here the story changes and good days are back in our life. First thing I didn’t interfere which got my tension down. I just left it to teachers and my son. These are few things my son learnt:

  • My son was so happy and interested that he packed his bag and was ready on time to come to classes. There was no need of forcing him to complete the assignment or fuss to come to classes. They had created n friendly environment. He was loved and valued and he loved all the attention he got there
  • My son used eraser a lot. Here the first rule is not to use eraser. To see my son not to use eraser was a great change. 
  • My son started writing. He didn’t cry or create a fuss. I couldn’t believe this would ever happen
  • My son finished his classwork everyday without any exception and my biggest worry to get notes came to an end
  • His handwriting started improving. He began to incorporate every strokes taught to him in everyday life
  • He had issues coloring and drawing. We saw an improvement in these two areas without sending him to any other classes. 
  • He learnt cube in a really faster pace. In 3 months my son was learning in the 5th cube. 
  • I saw a totally new person in my child. He was more focussed, eager to learn and more importantly a happy child. 

The pain, frustration, insults and worry came to an end for us. They knew exactly how to change my son’s  mindset towards writing and helped him with his mistakes. They encouraged, appreciated and made him feel really valued. The teachers are god sent blessings who have changed our life completely. 

I didn’t know handwriting classes could help. I didn’t know it could change a child completely. If I had only known this earlier I would have enrolled him earlier and go out of misery sooner. 

Thank you teachers in Brain Studio to help my child in writing, solving cube. Thank you for giving me a happy and confident child. Thank you for changing our life to a amazing and positive state filled with lots of hopes and aspirations. 

– Nisha