Speed Stacking

Cognitive development and targets specific areas of the body and the brain !

Outlining & Organizing


Time Management

Regulating Resources


Formulate Systems

Purposing Onward

Interpretive Thought

Gathering Erudition

Parsing Information

Implementing Information

Molding Hypothesis

Interpersonal Skills

Controlling Your Emotions

Socializing at Work


Responding to Ambivalence

Encouraging Customers

Admiring others

Active Listening

Demonstrating Reliability



Decisiveness Building


Gripping Your Focus

Performing Your Soundest

Restraining Your Sentiments

Being Resilient



Emotional Awareness

Written Communication

Resolving Predicaments

Problem Solving

Having an Emphatic Attitude


Cup stacking with Speed Stacks is an exciting individual and team sport that promotes hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, quickness and concentration.


Cup stacking helps students use both sides of their bodies and brains to develop important athletic and lifelong skills.


Cup stacking has many benefits for cognitive development and targets specific areas of the body and the brain to increase intelligence, problem solving skills and critical thinking.


Studies show cup stacking activities improve reading test scores and cross-patterning brain development.


Cup stacking or speed stacking is surprisingly an individual sport where kids all over the world compete to beat their best time. However, what most children and adults don’t realize is the learning benefits that come with these types of activities.


Juggling utilizes body mechanics in which we normally do not engage. It’s great to move the body in new ways to maintain range of motion.


As more children participated in these activities in school, teachers and physical education specialists started to notice a difference in the students’ development of language skills, math sequences and problem solving.


The study found children that used cup stacking activities achieved higher scores in reading after the experiment was complete.


The results concluded that the brain-based activity of cup stacking may have contributed to the increase in the achievement of reading development.

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