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Written by on July 13, 2020

The World Cube Association is a non-profit entity that oversees Rubik’s Cube competitions conducted around the world. Their main domain is the list of puzzles whose parts can be moved mechanically. Although there are thousands of different puzzles with different configurations, WCA guidelines prefer competitions held with certain types of twisty puzzles. These have come to be known as WCA official cubes.

Here’s the list of cubes that you can use to participate in WCA competitions:

    1. 2X2X2

    2. 3X3X3

    3. 4X4X4

    4. 5X5X5

    5. 6X6X6

    6. 7X7X7

    7. Clock 

    8. Megaminx

    9. Pyraminx

    10. Skewb

    11. Square-1

Apart from the cubes mentioned above, a few events use the same cubes but are solved differently.

Blindfold solving

These events, just like solving the 3X3, 4X4, and 5X5, except you, have to solve the cube without looking at it, as the name suggests.

    12. 3X3X3 Blindfold

    13. 4X4X4 Blindfold

    14. 5X5X5 Blindfold

Besides solving 1 of each cube, you can sign up to solve more than one cube blindfolded. Meaning you would have to remember the moves for more than one cube and do them all at once.

    15. 3X3X3 Multi-Blind

And then there is an event where you can solve the cube in just one hand. However, unlike solving the 3X3 with both hands, this event would allow you only to use one hand to solve the entire cube.

    16. 3X3X3 One-Handed

To make things more interesting, There exists a WCA event where you can write down your moves. You get the sheet with the scramble and some plain paper where you can write down your steps. The one who can solve it with the fewest discrete moves possible wins this event.

    17. 3X3X3 Fewest Moves

In total, there are 17 different events that you can participate in at a WCA competition. Although they vary in complexity, many of them require the same level of dedication and practice to master. But to learn anything, you have to take the first step. 

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