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Here are a list of suggested cubes that we use

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Here are some of the suggested cubes for your cubing journey. Beginner or advanced, these cubes are of the highest quality for everyone.


With so many different cube brands out there, especially online, it is common to find products that are of sub-par quality—often breaking in just a few turns or products that do not rotate smoothly.


To help our students and fellow cubers find the best cubes, we have compiled a list of the cubes we have bought and used for a long time. We found these particular ones to be of great quality and love using them.


You can browse through the list below and find the cube you are looking for. The affiliate link will take you to the cube’s page on Amazon.


This list is periodically updated for any out-of-stock or discontinued products. If you find such a product that needs updating, let us know.


Happy Cubing!!